Meeting Room Software

Pronestor Room

Control all meeting resources from one place 

Everybody involved in the daily meeting activities get an efficient worktool to handle all booking processes ie. facility management, accounting, the reception and all meeting organisers.

Pronestor Room gives the best to you, your employees and your business. You achieve an effective and simple process for booking conference rooms and other resources. Integrate with Outlook and book you meeting, meeting rooms and other resources in one workflow.

Pronestor Catering

Simplify your booking flow

With Pronestor Catering you order catering services from the canteen for your meetings. Everybody saves time in this simple booking process and mistakes and misunderstandings are minimized. All information to the canteen is generated automatically and reports are available for the canteen with relevant data for planning all catering services including preparation, production, delivery and billing.

Integrate with Outlook and book your meeting room and order catering in one workflow.

Pronestor Display

Save time, money and square feet

Pronestor Display shows meeting activities on digital screens and allows you to book a spontaneous meeting at the entrance of the meeting room. The solution optimizes the use of your meeting facilities and a greater transparency and flexibility around booking of meeting facilities is achieved. “Empty” meetings are eliminated and the waste of resources is minimized.

Pronestor Visitor

Give your visitors the welcome they deserve

With Pronestor Visitor your company´s visitors are greeted professionally. They are registered upon arrival and signed out when leaving. Visitor badges are printed and you can give them WiFi access when they enter - it will be turned off again automatically when they leave. Pronestor Visitor handles multiple entry points across multiple locations and the reception workload is reduced.

SAACI Member