SMS Text Messaging

There is an ability to send SMS text messages from Summit Event Manager - Pro or from Summit Central. These SMS text messages (of 160 charcters max)can be sent one at a time from a person's record by double-clicking on Mobile/Cell number field, or to multiple people using the Reporter.

How it works...

Upon hitting the send button, an email is created and sent via MS Outlook. The SMS webserver will convert this email into a text message and deliver it to that persons mobile/cell phone. If the recipient replies to that message, it will be delivered to your MS Outlook inbox.

Benefits & Uses for this may include...

Offering it as part of a sponsorship package - sending everyone a taxt message to remind them about attending the sponsors function.
Reminders for delegates - "coaches for the gala dinner will be departing the hotel foyer at..."
It can be much easier to type your message on a keyboard, rather than trying to type on a keypad.

How to start sending SMS messages...

To be able to send SMS messages from Summit  contact us.

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