Summit Central - Membership Software

Summit Central is a people manager, membership manager and short course manager all in one. The software is comprised of Summit Central which looks after all your people/contact management needs.

Perfect for: tracking and communicating with prospects, clients, members and suppliers.
Will benefit: any organisation that needs to record information to assist in their marketing strategy.
PLUS - associations, professional secretariats, societies, clubs, training organisations, meeting managers

What Summit Central can do for you...

It enables you to build the program that best suits your needs.

Build an accurate database that you know you can rely on...

  • consolidate diverse databases - de-duping as you go
  • standardise the format of names and addresses quickly and easily.

Maximise your marketing campaigns...

  • group and profile people, nominate areas of interest and industry types
  • select a combination of groups and/or profiles for specific, targeted mail-outs.

Know more about the people on your database...

  • personal information - date or birth, photo, associated people's details
  • professional information - affiliations, alumni, qualifications, event attendance.

Organise contacts and tasks to ensure goals are achieved...

  • record every contact, meeting, phone call with next contact dates and tasks to do
  • use the Daily Organiser to plan your day and remind you of tasks to be done.

Improve communication channels...

  • generate and send - individually or broadcast - letters or e-mails
  • barcode addresses for cheaper and more accurate addressing.

PLUS the following components can be added:

Membership Management

Define the attributes of your group or association

  • define the structure e.g. committee positions plus chapters, branches and regions
  • process expressions of interest, joins and renewals
  • track committee and special interest group involvement
  • monitor your financial position - banking, income reconciliation's, outstanding payments etc..
  • manage meetings e.g. AGMs, with attendance tracking and Agenda and Minutes management and production.

Products and Services

Track items and/or additional services that are available e.g. merchandise

  • sell and or rent items to individuals
  • generate invoices, receipts, tax invoices and banking slips.

Short Courses

Create and manage short courses

  • register attendance, send confirmations, product name badges, allocate credits
  • set prerequisites and produce certificates.

Internet Assistant

This component assists by processing the following information received via on-line forms

  • demographic update
  • joins and renewals
  • sales and rentals of products and services
  • registration to courses.

Summit Central can be used in conjunction with...

  • Summit Event Manager software ~ Send people to an event and then update the master database with event histories
  • Microsoft Word ~ for mail merges
  • Microsoft Excel ~ to import and export data
  • Microsoft Outlook ~ for individual and broadcast e-mails

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