Powerful, flexible events management

Easily create any types of events

  • Free or paid events.
  • Limited or unlimited number delegates.
  • Fixed start date or a TBC (to be confirmed) date.
  • Enable or disable registration (display only events).
  • Private events: Users can only register for the event if they know event password.
  • Custom fields to add more information of events if needed.

Recurring events

Create multiple instances of same event (one main event and multiple sub events)

  • Recur events daily, weekly, monthly, and sets of dates.
  • Each sub event is an independent event with it’s own delegates, registration form, tickets…
  • Updating main event can update information of all sub events.

Locations/Venues management

  • Easy location/venue creation by dragging the marker on the map. When you move the marker on the map, the address of location will be updated automatically.
  • Display event location/venue on Google Map.
  • Display events from a selected location/venue.
  • Provide direction to a location/venue.

Nice, clean, responsive layouts

  • Users can browse, register for your events from PC, laptop or any mobile devices.
  • Different layout options to display events: Calendar, Timeline, List, Columns.
  • Modules to display upcoming events, categories, locations, events map, mini calendar…

True, smart multilingual solution

  • Translate categories, events, registration form, email messages …to all languages on your site.
  • Translate any language items from admin (no need to open and edit language files).

Multiple discount options

There are multiple options which you can use to give discounts for your delegates.

  • Coupon codes: Fixed discount amount or by percent.
  • Early bird discount: Offer discount if delegates register before certain date.
  • Members discount: Offer discount if delegates are members.
  • Group registration rates: The more number of delegates, the lower price.
  • Bundle discount: Offer discount if delegates for multiple pre-determined events.
  • Late fee: Charge additional fee if delegates register after certain date.

Custom fee fields

An unique, power feature of Events Booking allows you to charge delegates different registration fee base on what they choose/enter on registration form.

  • Single selection (Radio / Single select). Example Adult : 100, Student 90, Children 30.
  • Multiple selections (Check boxes/Multiple select). Example: Lunch(+100), WiFi (+10)
  • Text fee field with fee formula.
  • Multiply value of different custom fee fields to calculate final fee.

Multiple ticket types

If it is needed, you can define multiple ticket types for your event. Users can choose the ticket types they want, select quantity for their registration.

  • Each ticket type can have a different price and capacity available for purchasing.
  • You can set maximum number of tickets which delegates can purchase for each type.
  • Registration will be disabled for an event when no ticket types left for purchasing.

Different options to register for an event

  • Individual Registration allows you to register for one user.
  • Group Registration allow you to register for several users in a group. With group registration rate setup, admin can give discount for group registration (the more members in group, the more discount).
  • Shopping cart option allows you to register for different events within one checkout.
  • Delegates can access to registration history page to view their registration history and edit information of registration records if needed.

Custom, flexible registration form

  • Choose to show/hide, require/not require any fields on the registration form.
  • Choose which fields you want to use for each type of registration (individual registration form, group members form, group billing form).
  • Create additional custom fields to collect any information you want from delegates.
  • Each event can have its own, independent set of custom fields.
  • Registration integration option allows delegates to register for an user account while registering for an event.

Powerful custom fields

  • Support 9 different types of custom fields: Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, Multi-Select, Checkbox List, Radiolist, Datetime, Heading, Message.
  • Conditional custom fields: Show hide a custom field base on selected value of another custom field
  • Custom fee fields: Total registration fee will be calculated based on what users choose/enter on registration form.
  • Custom field quantity: Limit each option in a custom field (Radio, Checkbox, Select, Multiple select) to a certain number you want.
  • Option to assign custom fields to category or to individual event.

Coupons & Tax support

  • Create coupon codes to give discount for delegates.
  • Two types of coupon discount supported: By percent or by fixed amount.
  • Coupons can be imported/exported from/to CSV/Excel file.
  • Tax rate can be added for each event to charge tax for registration.

Deposit payment & Waiting List

  • Enabling deposit payment for an event will allow delegates to pay an upfront fee (determined by admin) while registering and pay remaining fee later (online payment or manually at the event).
  • Enable waiting list allows users to join waiting list of an event when it is full. Later, if someone cancels the registration, admin can move these waiting lists users into delegates.

Online Payment Gateways

Delegates can make payment for their registration easily using a payment gateway.

  • Payment gateways supported include Paypal, Paygate, Authorize.net, Eway, Worldpay and Offline payment.
  • Other payment gateways such as Stripe, 2Checkout, Authorize.net SIM (Server integration method), First Data, iDEAL Mollie are released as separate payment plugins.


  • Generate PDF invoices and send to delegates for paid registration.
  • Invoices can also be downloaded from registration history
  • Invoice format can be customized for each event.

Tickets PDF

You can configure the system to send PDF tickets to delegates when they register for your events.

  • Tickets layout is configurable.
  • Use QRCODE in tickets PDF to checkin delegates.
  • Tickets PDF can be configured (on/off) per event. Each event can have it own tickets layout if needed.

Validate / Checkin delegates using QRCODE

  • Generate QRCODE and send it to delegates in confirmation email or Tickets PDF.
  • Use your mobile web browser, or mobile app to scan QRCODE and checkin delegates at the event.

Issue Certificates

You can configure the system to generate certificates for your delegates.

  • Certificate can be turned on/off for each event.
  • You can use a general certificate layout (in configuration) or design it for each event.
  • Delegates can download certificates after the event: From registration history or via download link in confirmation email.

Emails notification

  • Notification emails can be sent to administrator when someone register for an event
  • Confirmation emails sent to delegates when they register for an event.
  • Mass Mail to send emails to all delegates of a selected event.
  • Reminder emails sent to delegates (automatically by the system) to remind them X-days before the event starts.
  • Notification email sent to administrator when delegates cancel their registration.
  • Each event can have it own notification emails and email messages.

Newsletter integration

Integrate with ACYMailing and Mailchimp to assign delegates into mailing lists powered by these system. Then you can use these system to send newsletters to delegates if needed. The mailing lists can be configured per event.

Social sharing

  • Share your events on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In… to get attention from more people.
  • Allow saving events to personal calendar like Google, Yahoo, Outlook calendar

Manage delegates

  • View delegates list, search for delegates by first name, last name and organization
  • Add/edit registration records, add more delegates into an existing group registration.
  • Approve offline payment registration (after receiving payment from delegates).
  • Export/Import delegates to/from Excel, CSV file.
  • Send mass mail to delegates of an event or to selected delegates.
  • Resend email (in case delegates don’t receive it for some reasons).

Front-end management

Users with proper permissions can perform the following tasks in the front-end:

  • Delegates can access their registration history and edit their registration records.
  • See up-coming events, mini-calendar, categories, locations, events map, search events module

Easy to use administration module

  • Flexible configuration.
  • Manage categories.
  • Manage events (create, update, delete, import, export events)
  • Manage delegates (find, create, edit, delete, approve, import, export delegates to csv).
  • Manage locations (venues).
  • Manage custom fields.
  • Manage discount bundles.
  • Manage coupons (create, update, delete, import, export coupons).
  • Install(new payment plugin), change settings of the payment plugins which you use.
  • Change, customize messages / email messages.
  • Change, language strings (without having to edit language files directly) and translate it to different languages (if your site is multilingual).